The Smurfs Movie

As a kid I think I saw every episode of the Smurfs cartoon. I wanted to live in a mushroom (still do), be three apples tall and explore the shelves of Papa Smurf's lab. So of course, I had to see the Smurfs movie.

The Smurfs movie reminded me of the Garfield movies, but not as strong. The story felt scattered. I wonder if this is because there wasn't really a single character's story being told. There were several. So many plotlines, so little time for connection with the viewer.

I liked that the creators stuck to much of the original Smurf lore. At one point, the smurfs lost in New York go to a book store and find a volume of the old cartoons, Les Schtroumpfs. I like that the lore stayed with it's French creator, Peyo.

I liked some of the new additions, too. As I recall there wasn't a Gutsy Smurf, or a Narrator Smurf. But they were fun characters.

I wasn't too keen on Gargamel, for some reason. Perhaps because his desire to capture Smurfs seemed so single-minded and without purpose. Also, he decided to help the cosmetics company queen for no reason than because he could.

Neil Patrick Harris was pretty good. It can't be easy to act to a green screen. His character needed more development, though.

For having to sit through it with my kids, I didn't find the movie horrible. It was kind of adorable with some good moments. My favourite line: "Are you dead?"

Did you see the Smurfs?