Maggie Stiefvater in Oshawa! Now in Pictures!

When I first heard Maggie Stiefvater would be making an appearance in Oshawa, I knew I just had to attend. I'd just finished reading Ballad (LOVED both Lament and Ballad!), and even though I hadn't started the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, I knew Maggie was an author worth supporting. Plus, authors never come to Oshawa*, so I had to support that. It's only an hour from home.

I decided I would do a live Tweeting of the event. (I wish I had a smart-phone for this. Then I could have connected with the other Tweeters better.)  In case you missed it, what follows are some of the tweets with pictures and commentary from behind the tweets.

sara_walkerhowe: Have arrived at @chaptersindigo in Oshawa. No sign of blue loki. One hour to go.

Blue Loki was not inside the store, either. 

sara_walkerhowe: I am not the first to get here.
Before I headed out to the signing, I made sure I read & followed all of Maggie's directions. I turned off the flash on my camera, I didn't bring anything weird or creepy (but if we knew each other better, I would have brought cookie dough to fuel the poor girl!), and I bought my book for signing at the bookstore. (I'm such a good girl.) In these directions, Maggie mentions "No matter how early you are, someone will be earlier." Yep. Right you are, Maggie.

sara_walkerhowe: The sharpie guitar is here!

sara_walkerhowe: Just bought my copy of Forever. @indigogreenroom

sara_walkerhowe: So far only about 30 people here. 

sara_walkerhowe: 1/2 hour until @mstiefvater ! Will @tessagratton also make an appearance?
Keep reading to find out!

sara_walkerhowe: About 40 people here now. 2 are guys.
More guys would arrive. Not many, though.

sara_walkerhowe: Lots of mothers and daughters. I feel so left out. Should have brought my mom.

My mom has read Maggie's books.

sara_walkerhowe: Filled out a ballot for the sharpie guitar. #hopeiwin @indigogreenroom
As it turns out, I didn't win any of the prizes. :o(

sara_walkerhowe: Excitement is mounting. We're out of chairs.

sara_walkerhowe: Ten minutes until @mstiefvater !

sara_walkerhowe: I've never been to an author event before!
Gee, can you tell??

sara_walkerhowe: I have to tell u, i'm feeling kind of ... Hungry. :)

sara_walkerhowe: Seems appropriate for a werewolf series.

sara_walkerhowe: Ok. Folks are elbow-to-elbow. How will they get @mstiefvater in here?

sara_walkerhowe: @scholasticCDA is giving away Scorpio Races postcards

sara_walkerhowe: @indigogreenroom is giving away gift cards.

sara_walkerhowe: The press has arrived. Could maggie be far behind?

sara_walkerhowe: Shes here!
I was so excited I dropped my punctuation.

sara_walkerhowe: Maggie is telling us how she found out Linger hit the NYT list

sara_walkerhowe: This version is way more fun than the blog version 

sara_walkerhowe: Now maggie is telling us all the way wolves die.
Maggie likes to make readers cry.  And talk with her hands.

sara_walkerhowe: Maggie talk is over. Signing has started.

Maggie chatting with little ol' me.
I'm not even looking at the camera. I am such a dork.

sara_walkerhowe: Got my book signed. Blog post of the event to follow. 


I got to meet Tessa Gratton! Tessa is a lovely person and I really enjoyed talking with her.
We have no idea who the guy in the back is.

And Blue Loki was in the parking lot!

Thanks to all the folks who put this event together! Well done!

* When I chatted with the representatives of Scholastic Canada, they told me Oshawa was selected for the tour because that particular Chapters store sells more of Maggie's books than any other store. Cool!