Scrivener beta for Windows 026 - About Those Carrots...

I mentioned in my last Scrivener post that the newest release, beta 026, fixed the missing centre tool bar at the bottom of the page. I may have been hasty.

As a writer with limited time on her hands, this tool bar is vital.

As you can see the tool bar is there-- for this projects. Not so for my other 4 projects.

I tried creating a new project, to see if I could make a workaround, but the bar does not appear on new projects, either.

Fortunately, the good people of the forum have answers.

First, I tried the suggested: View => Layout => Show Footer. Unfortunately, Show Footer was not an option. Hide Footer was an option, so I selected it. Then returned to select Show Footer.

This didn't work.

Scrolling farther down the forum thread revealed the problem was not a tool bar setting, or a View menu setting. The problem was with the screen size. Once I took the screen off Maximize, the tool bar happily appeared.

I have my carrots back! (For real this time!)

Thank you to the good people of the forum!