Scrivener beta for Windows, two months later

Scrivener for OS XScrivener for Windows beta was recently updated. I'd hoped for more features. Not less. Somewhere in the 025 release, the centre bar with word count disappeared. I relied on that word count. It was my dangling carrot. I made a work-around by personalizing the main tool bar and adding buttons for Project Stats and Text Stats, but it's not the same. Instead of having my word count in my face, I have to stop and press a button. In my face was so much more motivating.

I also encountered a problem with the right margin. I imported text from a Word document, and the right margin cut-off at 6 inches in Scrivener. I figured this was a mistake (it's a beta version, after all), so I selected all text and reset the margin to 8 inches, as it was intended to be. When I compiled the document and opened in Word, the margin ran off the page. I had to go back to Scrivener, reset the margin to 6 inches, and compile again to get the margin to set at 8 inches in Word. Weird. But what I hated about it most was looking at the document squashed down to 6 inches in Scrivener. This didn't change if I viewed full screen. The margin was just incorrectly interpreted on import. New, original documents created in Scrivener have no margin issue.

I love, love, love the Project Targets and Word Frequency. Before Scrivener, I had to acquire this information with extra software. Now with one click of the button, Project Targets gives me a progress meter bar graph, and with another click, my most frequently used words show up with a number count and bar graph for each  word to mock my over-usage of them. Overachievers.

Scrivener for Windows is now scheduled for an August 2011 release. I'm sure I will blog again before then, as I'm starting a new project and will be using more features.

Ultimately though, my experience with Scrivener for Windows beta has me jonesing for a Mac and the real Scrivener.