Reasons to Write Every Day


A few years ago, I got some great advice: write every day. Up until then, I tended to write only when I had a scene in my head, or worse, only when I felt inspired. Like a lot of writers, I had my doubts that writing every day was a good idea. I would run out of ideas. I would sit staring at a blank page. But my advisers insisted: just show up to the page, they said. The writing will happen.

Eventually, I ran out of excuses. So I tried it. It was hard. After about the third day, I hit writer's block. So I went back to my advisers. They said to write anyway. It was okay to write crap.

They were right. Here I am, years later, and I can't let a day go by without writing. I become very difficult to live with if I miss a day.

Here are a few reasons why you need to write every day, if you're not already:

1) You might think you’ll run out of ideas, but you’re wrong. Writing every day primes the pump on the well of creativity. Those ideas you have will lead to more ideas. Authors always say they never run out of ideas. They're not kidding. Your imagination will stretch and grow. Running out of ideas is a myth. You’ll soon find you have more ideas than you have time for.

2) Writing each day gives you the chance to practice, practice, practice. Try a new technique. Find a new way into a scene, try a new point of view.

3) Writing proves your commitment to your art. It establishes discipline. It proves to yourself that you're willing to do the work, not just talk about writing.

4) If you don't write every day, you might get grumpy.

Now stop reading about writing, and go write!