Scrivener beta for Windows: My First Week

So remember how I said I wasn't going to work with Scrivener that much? Yeah, well, I lied. The time to set up my WIP? So worth it. I've spent the past week removing one character and replacing her with another. This has meant a lot of jumping around. I was scrolling up and down and up and down and up and down in MS Word, and that pretty much decided it: chop it up into manageable, findable pieces in Scrivener. And you know what? So worth it. So worth it. So. Worth. It. Another feature I love is the index card in the corner. I simply jot down the goal of the scene, and there it is, handy-dandy, to keep me on target. I don't have to sift through my messy notes anymore. And it's always there. Unlike real index cards which get lost. Or eaten by the dog. Or puked on by the cat. Or stolen by children looking for something to scribble on. Always there.

I haven't come to use many other features yet.

This round of edits is like working on a piece of knitting or crochet and having to rip open stitches, pull out the yarn and weave in a new colour. In MS Word, I found the work to be unwieldy. Scrivener has given me the ability to work in manageable chunks.

More gushing on Scrivener to follow.

And by the way-- so worth it.