The Easter Bunny Captured on Camera

Every Easter weekend-- and only every Easter weekend-- a member of my family spots a bunny hopping around in our neighbourhood. Maybe a neighbour lets their bunny out for a jaunt every Easter weekend. Maybe it's just "wabbit hunting season"*. We don't see bunnies in the summer, fall or winter. We don't see bunnies every weekend of spring. Just at Easter time. Thus, the neighbourhood bunny has been dubbed The Easter Bunny. This year, I spotted the Easter Bunny. It was happily hopping in the yard across the street. The thing about rabbits is they're fast. Usually someone spots the Easter Bunny, but by the time anyone else arrives at the window, the rabbit is gone. Not this year. I spotted the rabbit. Someone else grabbed the camera, and we got photographic evidence. These pictures were long range and blurry, but even when zoomed in, anyone can see it's a bunny.

I spotted the bunny again this morning, and managed to get a better shot:

(Snapped before I got the camera to my face.)

While typing this post, the bunny hopped across my front porch. It's either stupidly brave/desperate or really domestic. And now it's just crawled under my van. I've put out some carrots and cabbage, so we'll see just how desperate the Easter Bunny is.

*It's not. I checked.