If Winter Never Ends

I usually try to write about 6 pages per day. At roughly 1200 words per day, this works pretty well for me. The momentum is good and it allows me time to think about the story and characters and what comes next. I shouldn't have messed with my pace. I should have left it alone, but I'm really digging this story. So I challenged myself to go for 10 pages a day and work up to 13. It worked as well as it was supposed to. I gained ground quicker, as I'd hoped. I can work at a faster pace, I've done this before, but like always, I run out of planned plot, and I wind up losing a day to plan out the next section. That was yesterday. So in the end, I might be a few pages ahead, but you know what? The stress isn't worth it. My 6 pages a day works pretty well.

Progress meter: 214/300 pages 71%

I'm a little worried right now because I don't have a clue about what I will write next. Those of you who know me know I usually have more than one project on the go, and for me to focus solely on one story has never happened before. So to not have *anything* on the horizon is really making me nervous. Has the pendulum swung too far the other way? Have I used up all of my ideas? Have I burned myself out?

I'm currently reading Jennifer Rardin's ONE MORE BITE. I have a feeling I would have liked the earlier books. I wish I was a faster reader and had more time for reading. So many books, so little time.

It's winter. It's cold. The world is covered in a thick blanket of snow. But we're not worried. We have Guitar Hero I, II, II and Rocks the 80s. The Hockey Nut and I have been rocking out the evenings. Him on lead and me on bass. He is musically talented, gaming gifted, and I-- I am an uncoordinated mess. But we're having fun. And you know, I kind of don't care if winter never ends.