It was a time of epiphanies

I've been reading, and boy, do I have a lot of reading to do! Look what my husband gave me:

(How do you like those cat scratches on my desk? *wry g*)

Our camera definitely has a problem, and I don't think we can fix it. It's not reading the memory card, but the card itself works fine. (I checked it in an external card reader.) Maybe next Christmas Santa will leave us a camera under the tree.

So how am I able to post pictures? This is kind of embarrassing and difficult to admit, but it finally occurred to me that I could use another camera. Yes, I'm not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. But wait, it gets worse for me. Over the weekend, my husband suggested I use a web cam. He would have set it up for me, but he got busy doing other things-- mostly playing with the Wii-- so I set about working on it myself on Monday. Could I find the disk on my husband's messy desk? No. Could I find a driver online to make it work? No. So I went back to his desk and tried again. Not only did I find the driver, but I found the software for our old digital camera. And yes, that's when it occurred to me-- Duh. We have an old camera. Did it occur to me two weeks ago when I cleaned up the hall closet that for some reason houses four film cameras, our old digital camera and my sister's old digital camera? See, I told you this story was embarrassing. Not just because I forgot we have an old camera, but that we have a half a billion junky old cameras that we're never going to use.

This summer we are having a yard sale. A big one. I've already started putting stuff into boxes. I'm determined to clear out the clutter. Not only does it stress me out, but it's a fire hazard. I find I'm drawn to the clutter-free decorating style. Not quite modern, though. I find modern to be cold sometimes. I like clear tabletops and desktops, clear walls and floors, but there should still be some personality in the room, some indication that humans live there.

I had a few ideas about the UF WIP over the holidays. There are a few scenes I need to include, and I need to go through and eliminate -ly words, and clean up the language. I have no clue how to edit, and I fear I'm only going to muck it up yet again. Or, hate it and throw it out, as I've done in the past. And that is why I've been working on the YA. It's better. I started writing it with a plot and character change, and although it's no fun knowing most of what's going to happen, it's easier, better, and there are bonus, unexpected little things along the way. Turns out I'm a plotter after all.