Checked this list

Just finished typing up chapter six:20,573 / 120,000 (17.1%)

Am currently writing chapter 8. (Cindy, I apologize in advance for what I have done. *evil g*)

Still having problems with the toilet. It drains slowly, so we're able to flush it once per hour. However, not at all if we use the kitchen sink. *sigh* Dishes or flushes? What's a girl to choose?*

Finally did some Christmas shopping. I feel a little better, though the bank account is looking anorexic.

Still no ginger cookies, though I did get a bunch of Christmas baking done over the weekend.

Also, got the Christmas cards done and in the mail.

Oh, and Susan Adrian is getting a very good Christmas present this year, by the looks of it. :o)

*Actually, this girl runs the dishwasher at midnight (thank goodness for the delay timer), or washes dishes in the bathtub.

And after 40cm of snow this weekend, it's looking like a white Christmas (though I hear rumours of +11C and rain coming on the weekend):