Madly in love with the Tenth Doctor

I have to confess I am totally, completely, madly in love with David Tennant, aka the Tenth Doctor on BBC's Doctor Who.  (He is also famous for playing Barty Crouch Jr in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but I don't love Crouch.)  Tennant is brilliant, playing The Doctor with tons of energy, or with a quiet softness that just breaks your heart. The man can emote. He has a thousand faces. I don't recall ever feeling so amazed by an actor's abilities before. I also have to confess that when I watched the first season of the new Doctor Who (back in 2005), I hated it. I hated Christopher Eccleston (the ninth Doctor). I hated Billie Piper. And I hated the hokey special effects. The whole thing stank of bad cheese, which was too bad because I wanted to like it. I have memories of watching The Doctor with the curly hair and long multicoloured scarf when I was a kid. Then, last year, after being enticed by Neil Gaiman's blog, I tried Doctor Who again. Had to see what the fuss was about. Found a new Doctor, and fell in love. And I loved his new companion, Martha. So I got caught up. Watched all of season two, when Tennant started, and season three. And then to get the full story of Rose, I went back and watched season one. Okay, so Eccleston is stiff and harsh around the edges, I'm glad for the new Doctor. And as for Rose, I confess I'm happy to see her go. She had good energy, but she was also kind of a drag. Not quite kick ass enough, not quite smart enough. These faults lie more with the character than with Billie Piper, former pop princess. Martha was a brilliant match for The Doctor, but I understand why she moved on.

And okay, so the special effects are hokey. I've come to think of this as a good thing. The writing is brilliant, the acting brilliant, if the special effects were realistic, I might never be able to sleep soundly again.

I don't know if I have a favourite episode. But one in particular stands out as petrifying: Blink (3x10). I will never see a stone angel the same way again. Any Doctor Who fans out there? Do you have a favourite Doctor? A favourite episode?

Oh, to be in England now that the Christmas episode of Doctor Who series four is there! (Airing Christmas Day!)