Over the weekend I downloaded and read Lynn Viehl's The Way of the Cheetah, an e-book distributed through Holly Lisle. Lynn Viehl has published over 32 novels in the last six years, and for about the last three of them, I've been following her blog, listening to how she does this. But when I heard about this e-book that reveals her secrets, I knew immediately that I had to read it.

I have always believed that you get what you need when you're ready to need it.

A few weeks ago I made it a goal to increase my productivity, and finish two books this year. Last week I was hit with a severe, sudden case of exhaustion and sore muscles. I decided I needed to add yoga and walking back into my daily routine. The Way of the Cheetah reinforced those decisions and so many other changes I'm making in my life as a whole in addition to my commitment to writing.

TWOTC is a short read. I found I wanted more. Indeed, Viehl could easily expand this book into a print publication, though there may be no need for that. It does its job as it is; it explains Viehl's working principles in simple, fun terms, and removes any idea you might have had that writing is glamourous job.

I've been doing many of the things in the book all along, but there are many good tips and Viehl's productivity is inspiring. I'll be rereading this book once a month when I review my business plans.